"Am I a good person? Deep down, do I even really want to be a good person, or do I only want to seem like a good person so that people (including myself) will approve of me? Is there a difference? How do I ever actually know whether I’m bullshitting myself, morally speaking?"
- David Foster Wallace, Consider the Lobster and Other Essay (via batticuori)

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"I want to write a novel about silence. The things people don’t say."
- Virginia Woolf  (via themeanbetweenextremes)

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Possible 2nd Job

I have a job interview tomorrow at 6PM…but I’m contemplating if I do get it, if I’d want to accept it…I already have another job that starts again in September, plus I start school in August…I’m afraid of not being able to balance it all…I also want to get the highest grades I can, and I’m afraid that with two jobs my grades will suffer. The extra money would be useful to save up for an apartment in the future or to help me out with other things and to give my mom money since my dad hasn’t been giving her much.  But what if I can balance it all? This is something I’ll have to think about some more, but so far I have more cons than pros…so maybe this wouldn’t be the best option.

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Artist: The Beatles
Title: It Won't Be Long
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Artist: Jim Sturgess
Title: I've Just Seen A Face
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Undercover Martyn was my favorite song by Two Door Cinema Club, but I think Golden Veins just won the spot….props to them …this song is amazing!


progression of flight. dayton to orlando.

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